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The most professional cheapest beef sausage line making machine

Sausage filler / vacuum filler/vacuum stuffer/sausage stuffer /sausage filling machine  GC6200 industrial sausage making machine

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Picture of vacuum sausage stuffers

Sausage machine for sausage filler /stuffer,with vacuum  

Max direct filling capacity: 3000L /h

Meat pump housing output pressure: 50bar

The meat pump is drive by servo motor through redactor by gear. The gearbox adopts the hard gear to change the speed to drive. Built-in gear pump provide lubrication oil , protect ensure the service life of gear.

The vacuum pump use BUSCH 20 model, it is a Germany famous brand. Vacuum valve control automatically vacuum channel’s start on/off.

The meat material can not go inside the vacuum pump even if the very thin meat material.   

The vacuum filler is equipped with the lifting device, which is matched with 200L meat trolley for loading the meat material.

Meat pump housing, rotor, vane and CAM use alloy steel. Special heat treatment.

The sausage stuffing machine 's  linking device is controlled by servo motor. Fast speed, high procession. It is the same with imported model.

The vacuum sausage filling machine  parts are produced are adopted the special heat treatment technique, highly smooth surface, easily to be cleaned up.

Function of meat sausage stuffing machine price  :

  1.  parts are processed by CNC equipments high procession, long service life
  2.  accurate portion
  3. good sealing .high waterproof  imported Germany vacuum pump ,best vacuum effects, no air in the product
  4. intuitive touch screen
  5.  servo system
  6.  good hygiene ,HACCP standard
  7.   easy to maintenance

Technical data OF automatic sausage stuffer machine

Filling capacity Linking speed Hopper volume Vacuum pump Power External size Weight
3000kg/h 500pcs/min 200L 20 8kw 1850m*1330*2045mm 850Kg

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