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The machine meat tenderizer can cut the meat connective tissue and the tendons ,ligaments. Injecting the brine water into the meat fiber to shorten the meat tumbling time. which prevent product from shrinking by frying or toasting. for chicken nuggets or beef steak etc.

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Meat tenderizer machine apply the mechanical method to cut the meat gently with two group of sharp tooth-like multi-cutters .meanwhile damage the  meat connective tissue and the tendons ,ligaments, then make the brine water immersed into the meat fiber, which can shorten the rolling time(marinating time), perfect the structure of the meat, which prevent product shrink by frying and toasting .


Feature of electric meat tenderizer machine: 

1. made by food grade stainless steel ,HACCP standard

creative design and reliable characteristics

2.convey belt connection, it is fast connection design;. easy to clean

3.east handling, import electric componentsm reliable quality

4. safty protection device , ce approvemnt 

5.access to flattening machine to realize the contionous production.



Model NH400(covey belt width is 400mm)
Cutter-axes speed 119-59rpm adjustable
Space between cutter shaft -5-30mm adjustable
Knife diameter  130mm
Power of motor 1.1kw
Overall dimension 1685*650*1304mm

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