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Pictures of sausage cutter for knots:

The machine is made of high quality stainless steel. The thickness of working table steel is 12mm. it is firm and durable. The surface is polishing solution and beauty shape. 

hot dog making machine/sausage making machine 

industrial sausage machine 

Advanced Servo Motor and Servo driver: BECKNOFF –Made in Germany

High speed computer: BECKNOFF-Made in Germany

General cable control system: ETHERCAT

32 bit true color touch screen, ensure accuracy of operation and real-time display of the data.

Main Functions:

1.  It can cut natural and artificial casing of sausage. Special short product: Cocktail sausages and sausage for chafing dish.

2.  It can be set cutting knots for one line of sausage and several lines. For several lines of sausages, the pieces of sausages of each line can set in the screen.

3.  Fixed length cutting: it can cut even pieces for no knot sausage, min length: 25mm

4.  It can calculate cutting quantity automatically and also can be clearing zero.

5.  It can display cutting pieces per minutes and length of sausage.

6.  Timing stopping if no operation.


Main specifications:

           1.    The casing can be inspected by infrared light electricity sensor. The cutting defective rate is lower than 3‰; high speed and automatic to ensure accuracy and speed of cutting by sensor                                   inspecting.  No need to set the length of sausage in advance.

           2.    It can be set the speed of conveyor belt on the touch screen.

           3.    cutting position can be optimized

           4.    Sausage diameter range: 10-45mm, fixed length cutting max dia. : 30mm

           5.    sausage‘s min length: 25mm, max length: no limit. Belt’s speed is confirmed by top p

                  late’s specification and sausage‘s length, max speed: 1.8m/second. It can reach to 1800 pcs when cutting short sausage.

          6.     380V AC three phase, The power consumption: less 2.0kw


JC999-03 sausage cutter is high quality machine and high quality product guarantee for the customer.

different shape sausage ‘s effective length as follows:

Technical data:

voltage /3 x 380 V
 frequency 50HZ
Power 1.5 kW
Size 860*800*1560mm
Weight 240 kg

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