Good news to users of sausage factory

Good news to users of sausage factory! GC6200 model vacuum filler,now whole meat pump system are totally the same with Germany Handman, and linking device also totally the same. The material we use imported and use special processing craft. The material of any parts are processed by our CNC machines.

Use Germany BUSCH 40 pump,which is Germany famous brand. Vacuum valve control automatically vacuum channel’s start on/off. Specially, our meat pump drives by servo motor through reducer by gear which is stable and powerful. The gearbox adopt the hard gear to change the speed of gear  pump provide lubrication oil,protect the lift of gear.

vacuum Filler, specially used for segmentation and linking processing, filling. Suitable for filling various kinds of sausage and related products, the installation can make Taiwan roast sausage, kiss intestines, natural casing products.

Vacuum filler is  consists of frame, filling servo control system, linking servo control system, vacuum control system, meat pump, electrical box, hopper and so on.                                     

1.Vacuum systemBusch):

Vacuum system is mainly consists of vacuum pump, charging valve, digital vacuum detector (meter), vacuum pipeline, vacuum storage tank and so on. The main purpose is vacuum blanking and pumping part of the bubble in the material.

2. Servo control system Siemens

Filling servo control system:  servo motor, Servo amplifier, reductor, stransformer

Linking servo sysrem: servo motor, Servo amplifier, transformer

3. Meat pump:

Meat pumppump shaft, rotor,vane, CAM

4  Working principle

The vacuum filler machine is filled by vane type meat  pump, and the meat material is pushed to the filling pipe by vane rotating under vacuum condition. Portion weight is controled by the vane rotation.


1, vacuum filler machine adopts SUS304 stainless steel material, the design and processing of novel products with very beautiful appearance;

2, under the vacuum state to complete the filling process, effectively prevent fat oxidation, avoid protein hydrolysis, reduce bacterial survival, effectively ensure the shelf life of the products and the bright color, mellow taste;

3, the machine can automatic link natural casings, collagen casing. speed of 0-700time/min, the machine can connect with double clipper and high speed linker

4, portion range from 5g-99999g, normal paste product error not exceeding + 2g (400g), normal diced products less than 5g (400g);

5 key components processed by CNC machines, to ensure the accuracy of machine manufacturing;

6, meat pump,such as rotor , vane with special heat treatment, high smoothness, good abrasion resistance, strong interchangeability, ensure quantitative precision, and easy cleaning;

7, motor, reducer, vacuum pump, electrical components are imported brand-name products, vacuum up to -0.1Mpa;

8, the main transmission and control part of all imported components, improve the equipment running precision and service life, safe and reliable;

Various actions

9, machine operation and parameter change all can operated by touch screen,  the screen has simple operation, the operation is very convenient;

10, automatic filler can be double clipper, complete filling – clipping automatic production line;

11.can connect with the high speed linker and hanger


Good design and good quality! Good choice for the sausage production.

Post time: Nov-20-2020