Now I am showing a good news for the sausages cutter

Now I am showing a good news for the sausages cutter. In traditional sausage production line, the factory cut the lines of sausages by hand,which is low and slow speed,also waste labor. Now Our JC999-03 sausages cutter can be solved. It can cut many lines of cooked sausages(including the natural casing sausages, collagen casing sausages and artificial sausages) in the kink position, cut into single sausage or two sausages,etc., according to the demand quantity setting. .There are two sets of servo motor drive in the machine, the conveyor belt operation of a motor reduction drive, the conveyor speed can be adjusted; another group of motor directly driven cutter rotation.3.The operating system is independent of the invention, cutting more stable, and in the case of product relative to the eligibility criteria, broken rate is zero.4. The machine can cut long sausage (no kinks) into equal length segment. Each cutting length can be adjusted separately.
Sausage twist cutting machine with transportation belt is used for cutting sausage twists of both natural casing and man-made casing.  It can cut piece by piece or a string of pieces. The number of pieces in a string can be set on screen. Total number of pieces is displayed on screen. The counter can be reset.  Number of pieces in minute and actual sausage length can be displayed instantly.

• One working ·shift, then one year warranty from the date of the machine leaving the factory.
• If multi working shife, then shorten the time of warranty ·
Below outside of guarantees
if not strictly comply with the instruction manual.
if mistakenly connection machine.
if the operation and maintenance error.
wearing parts, such as belt, cutting knife, seal, and so on.
if processing abrasive products.
guarantee applies only to replace defective parts free of charge by the contract party but not need to change the situation as a result of operational errors.
For damage caused by the following then, manufacturer is not responsible for: failure to comply with the operating rules, wrong connection machine, improper operation, processing abrasive products, especially the stop use or not immediately repair defective safety device.

We use the Germany famous industry PC and controller, so the accurate is very good.
10-45mm diameter of sausages can be cut. Welcome you come to check!

Post time: Nov-20-2020